Another Silent Night

Betty Morrell
Betty Morrell


This is a simple reminder to those that have to be away at Christmas that we're waiting here at home. 


The tree is up, the lights are on like every year before

The stockings on the mantle and the wreath is on the door

I almost didn't hang the mistletoe - it's such a sad reminder cause I know


     I'll spend another silent night wishing you were here

     I said I understood you'd be here if you could, it's our favorite time of year

     I know you have to be away, but I miss you by my side

     Since you're not here with me, this year Christmas Eve is just another silent night

The gifts are wrapped, the cards are mailed and carols fill the air

I've baked your favorite cookies and I'm in your favorite chair

I've finished all the things we usually do.  The only thing that's missing here is you.


     I pray you're safe and hope you'll try to call, then it might feel like Christmas after all

     I'm going through the motions while you're gone until you make it home


Since you're not here with me this year Christmas Eve is just another silent night.