Bridges Burned

Betty Morrell
July 1, 2017
Betty Morrell


Well you're riding high and you're acting like you're one step from the top

And no-one dares to tell you it's a fantasy

That the highs will keep you going, but the journey never stops

And the lows are not as low as they’re gonna be

So you change your clothes and you change your hair

You change your friends cause you think somewhere things are better

In another time and another place

With another voice and another face it could be better

But you’re sure you’re gonna fly cause it’s your turn

And you’re sure you know the price of bridges burned.


Well you sold your soul for the right to say that you got here on your own

But you thought that you could buy it back tomorrow.

Now you try to end a letter that you started weeks ago

But no matter what you write it all sounds hollow

 Cause you changed your name and you changed your face

You play the same old game in another place that should be better

But you wake up cold and you cry out loud

You’re all alone in another crowd, what could be sadder

And you know that there’s no prize for lessons learned

And you know that there's a price for bridges burned.

      When you’re standing in the spotlight, no-one dares to ask you how you got this far

     When you step off stage, they step away, no-one ever seems to wonder who you are

      What a price to chase that star

 So you spend your days with your plans and schemes

You spend your nights with the same old dream of something better

But you always thought you could go back home

You never knew you’d be so alone or that it mattered

Now there’s no-one by your side to be concerned

And there’s no-one knows you’ve cried for lessons learned

And you know you pay the price for bridges burned