Come Dance With Me

Betty Morrell
Betty Morrell


Hello again. I hoped I'd find you here so I stopped in.

I'd sure like to take you for a spin, so come dance with me

I'm ready for two-steppin' all around the floor

Don't have two left feet anymore, come dance with me

     You remember last time, I can tell; bet you'd rather sit this out

     But I've been taking lessons, I've done well and this is all I've been dreaming about

Just for fun, we could dance until this song is done.

Then maybe we could try another one. Come dance with me

     Let's forget the last time, there's no harm.  I was trying way too hard

     This time when I take you in my arms, I know to start with the beat of your heart

One more time, another two step in these arms of mine.

It's just a dance I promise you'll be fine.  Come dance with me

Come dance with me.