Secrets Buried In The Bayou

Betty Morrell
Betty Morrell


Midnight and there's Old Joe fishing in the Bayou

Moonshine in a mason jar, crawfish on the line

Gators on the bank watching for a wrong move

Old Joe don't worry none, he's just passing time

And no-one knows for sure what he's waiting for


There are secrets no one whispers; there are mysteries with no clues

It's a world you could get lost in, you'd avoid it if you knew

Secrets Buried in the Bayou


Old Joe, he's all alone, that's the way he likes it

Swamp rats and water snakes, they're his only kin

Backwater shack on stilts, Cypress trees surround  him

Flat boat that takes him no-where, brings him back again

From where he needs to go - and no-one needs to know


He comes and goes, he's here and gone, it's been that way for years

And you can hear a dozen theories why he disappears

His stories told, his ghost gets old, cause that's the way round here


Midnight and there's Old Joe

He's just passing time