You Make Your Own Kind of Trouble

Betty Morrell
Betty Morrell


Well you're out and you're searching for a new heart to own

And you know that you're hurting the one who's waiting at home

Sure you call, but you're lying 'bout the places you've been

Cause you thing that you're playing some kind of game you can win

You've been working late hours, somehow time slips away

You've been helping an old friend, at least that's what you say

While you shuffle and juggle all these stories you spin

You make your own kind of trouble - that's the way it all begins

     And you, you don't believe you can lose

     But it's true, you'll end up crying the blues

You'll keep playing with fire til the winds shift and turn

And you're caught in the pyre of the bridges you've burned

Oh you'll curse and you'll struggle, but it's a fight you never win

You make you're own kind of trouble.  I've seen it time and again

     And you, you keep fooling yourself

     But the truth is you can't blame nobody else

When your heart's left for rubble, where you think you're gonna pin

All the blame for the trouble that you find yourself in

Well I hate to burst your bubble, but you're guilty as sin

You make your own kind of trouble, that's the way it's been,

You make your own kind of trouble.